Why We Worship

Worship can be a bit of an “insider” word for most churches. I pray that it is not that way at Wellspring. The word worship can carry so many different concepts and connotations. My hope is that the next few paragraphs will begin to paint a fresh perspective on the definition of worship, the goal and focus of worship, and what we can experience as we worship.

In its most basic form, the word worship means ascribing worth or value to something. We worship what we adore and value as individuals. In church settings, we communicate value and worth to God through music as an act of worship. We set aside time weekly in a large group gathering to sing songs because God is the only one that is worthy of our worship. We thank Him for His incredible act of love in giving up everything and taking our place on the cross so that we might experience new life.

The Bible challenges those who choose to follow God to worship God. Worship can happen in many ways – prayer, meditation, Bible reading, as well as singing songs. Though we worship in different forms, the goals are the same. As we go through various methods of worship, our goal is the same – to “fix our eyes on Jesus as the author and perfector of our faith” as it says in Hebrews 12:1-2. We pour out our hearts to God through worship to refocus our attention on Him and once again surrender our hearts and minds to Him. One of the words that the Bible uses to describe worship means to literally bow in adoration as one bows before a king or to intimately kiss as one does with a spouse. As the Bible describes worship, it paints a very personal and intimate picture, challenging followers of God to intentionally worship Him.

When we intentionally focus on God and worship Him, God will often be tangibly present. The Bible puts it this way – God inhabits the praises of His people. As we sing songs in our weekly gatherings, you may sense something bigger than yourself. You may tangibly feel God close to you. You may feel a sense of peace and release as you surrendered cares that have weighed you down. You may feel the need to confess areas that need to be surrendered to God. You may feel the need to bow down before God. Or you may want to simply raise your hands or stand as you feel a sense of awe fill you. All of these are moments where God is breaking into your life.

As you worship, I challenge you to be intentional, to focus on God, and to expect God to touch you.

If you are interested in getting involved in any area of worship ministry, reach out to Dave.  You are welcome to e-mail him (dave@wellspringchurch.com).  We are always looking for guitarists, drummers, bassists, vocalists, and sound and tech team volunteers.  If you are an artist, we need you, too!  This means actors, painters, wood workers, dancers, stage designers, writers, and more.  We believe that God has intentionally given you creative gifts to help others experience and encounter Him through non-traditional means.  You can use your gifts and talents to help create “awe moments” for others to experience God in our weekly gatherings.

Dave McPherson, Associate Pastor