Women’s Ministry 4

Ladies! Come and be refreshed!

Wellspring women’s ministry is all about refreshing women’s hearts through the Word of God and through meaningful relationships with each other. Women today are pulled in every direction, overextended with endless “to do” lists. Jesus met a weary woman at a well in John 4 and told her about Himself, the Wellspring of life, who she could freely drink from and thirst no more. This woman’s encounter with Jesus refreshed her, energized her and entirely transformed her. In fact, her testimony spontaneously brought her whole village out to meet Jesus and come to know Him. If you are looking for a place to be yourself, to belong and find acceptance, to build refreshing relationships, and to serve in collaboration with other women, join us at one of our gatherings!

Major Events

Wellspring Women’s Bible Studymeets from September through April on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8:00 PM and on Thursday mornings from 9:00 – 11:00 AM at one of our leader’s homes. To find the location on a map, click here. Jill Rhodes, our Women’s Ministry Director, leads our study along with Brenna Stull, our senior pastor’s wife and the rest of our Women’s Leadership Team. All ladies are welcome to come to either the Wednesday night or Thursday morning gathering, depending on their schedules. It is a wonderful time of refreshment and fellowship. Click here to learn about our current study.

Annual Pink PartyEach year in the fall, Wellspring women put on a Pink Party to celebrate the lives of those who have bravely walked a cancer journey. We think pink, wear pink, eat and drink pink! This event is open to all women in the community, and over a hundred people came last year! This is a major bonding experience for everyone who attends. Click here to learn more about the Fall 2017 Pink Party.

Christmas Tea – Each year in the winter, Wellspring joins another church for a gathering for encourage women leading into the Christmas season.  It is often a great time to share recipes, Christmas traditions, enjoy tea and hot coco and learn how to be an incredible follower of Jesus as we celebrate His birth!  Click here to learn about the 2016 Christmas Tea event at the Wigwam.

Wellspring Women’s Spring Tea—Each year in the spring, Wellspring women host a Spring Tea for women to gather, enjoy scrumptious treats and listen to a guest speaker bring a refreshing word from the Lord. It is a fun time to relax and build other lasting friendships with Wellspring ladies.  For information on last year’s event – the 2016 Spring “Tranquili”tea – click here.

Summer Book Club—Each summer, Wellspring women read a book or two together. Sometimes we meet in person for a great time of food and fellowship, and sometimes we come together through a virtual platform. Either format, the Summer Book Club is a breath of fresh air for all who want stay connected with God and each other during the hot Arizona summer months!


In addition to these major events, Wellspring women also have outreaches, coffee breaks, one-on-one mentorship opportunities, and many other relationship-building activities. Listen for these and any additional events as they appear in our weekly announcement video, The Drop.

If you have questions about Wellspring women’s ministry or would like to know more about how to get involved and serve, please contact Jill Rhodes at jill@wellspringchurch.com.