Women’s Christmas Event

Mary Did You Know?

Mary didn’t know, nor do any of us know, how the impact that one act of surrendered obedience in an unexpected turn in life might impact eternity.  We are in a constant state of transition with unexpected turns and challenges.  Will we with a surrendered and trusting heart lean into what we know about God and His character, trusting that He will meet every need?

Wellspring Women! Please come to the women’s Christmas Event on Saturday, Dec. 12, 10-11:30 am at the Wigwam Resort. We have been invited by the women of Turning Leaf Church, who are hosting the event. Brenna Stull will be giving a message about surrendering to the Lord in the transitions of life and Taylor Napodano will be singing an original song. You might even win a 2 day/2 night getaway at a luxury resort in Sedona! This is a great inviter event, especially for those who feel comfortable at an event than at a church service. Register for the event and learn more by clicking here and use the code “wellspring” for discounted tickets. For more information see Brenna Stull.