Wisdom That Works

There was a decade in my life that I read one Proverb a day each day of the month.  Starting with January 1, I would read Proverbs 1. Then on the second day, I would read Proverbs 2, and so on. Over the course of one year, I would have read each Proverb at least twelve times.

I was hungry for wisdom and needed it desperately. I was a husband to a precious bride, the father to five young children, and I had a demanding job giving me gray hair and requiring more than I thought I had to give. I needed help. I wanted to make good decisions and didn’t know who to trust sometimes. I needed wisdom from God. I needed wisdom that worked.

I found that daily in God’s Word.

I found Wisdom that Works reading these powerful truths. I also found it fascinating that God inspired thirty-one of them to be recorded – giving us one to match whichever day of the month it might be. Like a daily dose of wisdom, God opened the vault of this priceless gift.

So let me encourage you to take a daily download from God. A quiet moment to read, reflect, and meditate. It is worth your focus. It will set the tone and trajectory for your day … one that promises life itself and the favor of God.

Who doesn’t need wisdom today? Are you kidding me, we all do! I promise you, each day will have value. Don’t wait, start today!


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