What We Believe

Our Dream

At Wellspring, we dream of a church where people encounter Jesus, the Wellspring of Life, and learn to walk with Him for a lifetime and beyond. He is our unending source of life that never runs dry. Therefore, we aspire to provide people with Bible-based, life-giving instruction that brings a confidence of God’s promises, an ever-growing desire to worship Him, and a deeper understanding of the amazing grace we have now and in the life to come.

At Wellspring, we dream of a church where people are loved no matter their color, age, ethnicity or background. We believe God longs for us to live in authentic, supportive community with one another. On Sunday, during mid-week gatherings, and especially in our everyday lives, we want to be a community that lives, works, laughs, loves and cries together.

At Wellspring, we dream of a church that partners with others to see the Gospel and God’s redemptive plan spread throughout the Phoenix Valley, Arizona, the country and the world. We want to equip and send disciples into every people group of the world until Jesus returns.

Our Core Values

Wellspring Church wants to help each person worship a Holy God, grow day by day and serve the world around us.

We worship God who first loved us and gave His only Son Jesus that we might be reconciled to Him and truly live.

We grow to know God more, to learn who we are in Christ and to be like Him in character so that we can fulfill the great destiny He has for each and every person.

We serve by using our individual talents and skills to make Him known in greater ways throughout the world.

Our Biblical Foundation

For a closer look at what the Bible declares concerning God, God’s kingdom, humankind, sin, salvation, grace, the church, baptism, evangelism, and so much more, please click here. This document outlines our biblical foundation in detail, including abundant scriptural reverences for each of our beliefs and practices. Wellspring Church, as a group of believers in Jesus Christ, stand upon and follow this document.