Walking with Jesus – Every Minute of Every Day

“I find myself really wanting what God wants, really sensing His presence, really close in our relationship… especially at church, or in the group Bible-Study, or even as I am learning how to have a Bible reading time in the morning.  But, when I start my work day, it is like I kick into another mode of thinking.  How do I ‘walk with Jesus’ throughout the day?”

Truthful comments from a friend.  He is a Christ-follower too.
How many of us struggle to come off the mountain top experiences with God, then live in the valleys of everyday life?
I do.
I often find myself sitting at the throne of God, uninterrupted, basking in His presence and then when I go to refill my coffee cup in the kitchen, I yell at one of my children and say a snippy comment to my beautiful wife (thinking – “how did that happen!”).
Walking with Jesus and integrating my faith, my experience with Him, letting His Spirit lead my every move, and struggling to be completely His in all things is part of the process until I reach heaven.  

How about you?  Do you ever experience these thoughts, these moments, these days.
One thing is for sure… unless I have those daily moments with God, I don’t even get started on the walk with Him.  Those moments of reflecting upon Him, reading His word, listening to His Spirit are what gets me going.  His word brings light to the path and brings power to take each step.
Sure, I walk like a child sometimes, wondering off the path.  I get distracted by stuff along the way.  I even fail to look up at the horizon and gaze at the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.
Yet, I keep walking.  And Jesus keeps talking.  And as I do this day after day, I seem to be walking much closer than before and I hear His voice more clearly than ever.
Walking with Jesus … every minute of the day

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