Proverbs 20: Thy Will Be Done

A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. ​How then can anyone understand their own way? – Proverbs 20:24

When I was about to move to Phoenix, the song that kept playing on the radio and got stuck in my head was “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott. The song lays bare the heart of a woman who is confused by the way her life is currently panning out. Yet she can proclaim with abandon “Thy will be done”. It’s a beautiful song. It soon became my anthem in the months that followed.

In August I got in a car and drove out to Phoenix not knowing where I was going to live. Before you start getting awed by my faith, be aware that I was terrified and was doubting that God would provide. Yet this song kept coming on the radio the whole drive out here (It’s the only thing that got me through the blandness of New Mexico). Each time I heard it I would sing my heart out, as this song became prayer for me.

Thy will be done.

The first night here in Phoenix I laid in my bed in the hotel and cried. My dad would leave the next day and I didn’t know where I was going to go, where I would stay. The song came on again.

Thy will be done.

The following day, I met a family here at Wellspring that offered to let me stay with them until I could afford to get my own apartment. That very day they handed me a key to their home and I had a place to lay my head at the end of the day. I can’t help but cry as I type this because I’m reminded that God is faithful. This is one of thousands of examples of God’s faithfulness in my life.

Brother or sister in Christ, I pray that this proverb would not lead to confusion or discouragement as it tells us that man can’t understand his way. Rather I pray that it would lead you to proclaim, “Thy will be done” to the One who is worthy of our trust.

If you are facing unwelcome circumstances, if you are confused by the direction the Lord seems to be leading you, proclaim “Thy will be done.”

He is directing your steps, and he is faithful.

When you can’t see his hand in your life, trust his heart.

Father God, help me to be able to proclaim each morning “Thy will be done.” Give me faith to trust in your direction for my life, even when I can’t understand why the circumstances of my life are the way that they are. Give me the ability to place my trust in your heart, even when it’s hard to see your hand. Thank you for the way you’ve been faithful in my life thus far.
– Nathan Roach

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