Revival not Survival – D-Now 2018

Revival, not Survival

Hey students – are you tired of just surviving and not THRIVING?  Let’s do more than just go through the motions of life and learn how to survive.  God has called us to be transformational world changers!  

On January 12-14, 2018, we will explore how we can seek revival around us instead of just surviving.  We want to change the conversation. We want to live believing that not only can revival in our world be a reality but we can also be a part of it. With each lesson we explore, we hope that each of us will be spurred on to bigger and greater things in the community around us and that together we will see revival happen in our generation. 

About D-Now

For those who are newer to D-Now, it is a three day, two night retreat in town.  We will have students joining other students in homes in our neighborhoods, organized by same gender and age groups.  Each host home has been carefully vetted to insure safety and spiritual growth for each of our students.  The weekend will consist of community building activities, crazy challenges, and life-changing conversations.  Your student will not want to miss out on this weekend!  Be sure to register and save your spot today!

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