Proverbs 5: Who Are You Living For?

 For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths. – Proverbs 5:21

I am constantly aware of the audience for whom I seem to be living my life. Sometimes it’s my friends, sometimes it’s my family, and sometimes, on a good day, it’s the Lord. This is only perpetuated with every Facebook status, Instagram post, or Snapchat story I make. Every day I wake up and default to thinking that my life is lived for the eyes of my peers. I forget the reality that my ways are before the eyes of the Lord. In truly understanding this, the way I live my life begins to change.

This chapter of Proverbs warns about the pitfalls of immorality. The lifestyle of sin and immorality is portrayed as an adulteress, one whose lips “drip honey” and whose speech is “smoother than oil.” It’s tempting and easy to be led astray by a world whose attention and praises masquerade as the sources of joy and fulfillment. As apparent as this is at times, it is simply not true. If we can cut through the façade that sin and immorality present, we see that the wicked are captured by their own iniquities. This enticing “adulteress” turns out to be bitter and painful, and ultimately she leads to death.

This is where the implications of the Lord watching all our paths become a fulcrum for how we decide to live our lives. Do we choose to pursue the delight of living for ourselves and others, or do we pursue delight in living a life that honors Jesus? Jesus gave Himself so that we would be free from the pitfalls of sin. If we choose to walk right back into those traps, Jesus gave Himself for nothing. Knowing that my ways are before the eyes of the Lord is a good reminder not to waste my life on foolishness and fleeting pleasure.

People are fickle and imperfect, so seeking approval with them as the audience, by only showing the best side of myself through my best pictures or my best outfit or whatever else I use to present myself, quickly becomes an endless, vain pursuit. When I live with the Lord as my sole audience, I’m already accepted by one who sees not just my good, but my bad, my ugliness, and my brokenness. There’s a healthy accountability and a joyful freedom in submitting my paths before the Lord. He is the audience for whom I want to live.

Father God, you are good, and loving, and you watch over me. I confess that I don’t always place you in the center of my life, and because of that I fall into immorality. I thank you for rescuing me from bondage to this sin and for loving me enough to protect me from it continually. I pray that you help me stay focused on You and not on pleasing the world or the people in it. Please fill me with the desire to live a life pleasing to You and to be accountable to you every step of the way. I trust you, I love you, and I thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.

– Victor Garcia

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