Proverbs 23: A Teachable Heart

Apply your heart to instruction,
​and your ear to words of knowledge. – Proverbs 23:12

Throughout the entire book of Proverbs, we are called and encouraged to seek wisdom. As we come close to the homestretch of our journey through Proverbs as a church, we are reminded anew that we should apply our hearts and our ears to the godly wisdom that is around us.

Jamie chides me often about the fact that I rarely ask for help or instruction when it comes to doing things I’ve never done before. Literally three hours before writing this devotional we were making lunch at a friend’s house, and I declined instruction in regards to how to cook my steak. In reality, I’d never actually cooked steak on my own but felt confident in my ability to figure it out. After eating some incredibly dry, burnt steak for lunch I’m realizing that I should have asked the family connoisseur of all things meat.

We don’t naturally like to be instructed. Yet we are fools when we think that we can go through life without wise words of knowledge. We have a faith community that can pour into us so much wisdom for life, and we have the very words of God written for us in the Bible that speaks to all aspects of our daily lives.

I was a fool to think I could cook an Outback Steakhouse quality steak on my first attempt with no instruction.

I am exponentially more foolish when I believe that I can conquer all of life without the wisdom of mentors in the faith or without the wisdom found throughout the pages of Scripture.

I encourage you my brothers and sisters in Christ to apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.

Father God, grant me today the humility to acknowledge that I don’t have everything in life figured out. Help me to apply my heart to wisdom and my ears to knowledge. Help me to seek out older men or women in the faith to pour their wisdom into my life, and give me the self-discipline to gain wisdom from the pages of the Bible each day. In Jesus’ name, amen.
– Nathan Roach

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