Life Group Leader Toolbox

Life Group Leaders –

Thank you for everything that you do faithfully week in and week out to serve our community.  I am thankful for you using your talents and resources to shepherd people within the Wellspring community.

Below, you will find several resources designed to help you as a leader.  Some are simple tools, others are reports to fill out monthly, and more.  Please come back to this page frequently to find great resources and tools for you as a leader.


Dave McPherson


Are you looking for some worship helps for your Life Group?  Click this link to find worship sets and lyrics to enhance or add a worship component to your group.


Looking for the Life Group Leader blog?  Click here or read the most recent post below.

You can find this post and more on the Leading Life Groups Leadership Blog here.

The information below will be great tools for you as a life group leader. You'll find training videos, worship sets, forms for helpful organization, and more below.

Check back as this information will be updated frequently.

Resources for Helpful Organization
List of Potential Ice Breakers
Outreach Opportunities (for Fall 2016)
Week by Week Planning Worksheet
Snack Sign Up List