Christmas 2016 Leader Party

If you have helped out with Wellspring, thank you!  Your being faithful and diligently leading people has made an incredible difference for the Kingdom!

Below are the pictures from the 2016 Leader Party at Wellspring.

img_0748 img_0758 img_0757 img_0756 img_0755 img_0754 img_0753 img_0752 img_0707 img_0750 img_0749 img_0747 img_0746 img_0745 img_0744 img_0743 img_0742 img_0741 img_0740 img_0739 img_0738 img_0737 img_0736 img_0735 img_0734 img_0733 img_0732 img_0731 img_0730 img_0729 img_0728 img_0727 img_0726 img_0725 img_0724 img_0723 img_0722 img_0721 img_0720 img_0719 img_0718 img_0715 img_0714 img_0713 img_0712 img_0711 img_0710 img_0708 img_0706img_0706 img_0708 img_0710 img_0711