Proverbs 15: Good News

Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. – Proverbs 15:30

What’s the good word? Do you have anything good brewing? Sometimes, good news is hard to find. It is easy to find bad news and to find a reason to be discouraged. You can take your pick of poisons, whether it be the nightly news, office gossip, the far-from-reality overly braggadocios world of social media, the health of some distant or sometimes close relative, the pressure to overly perform at work, or nearly any discussion about politics. It seems like negativity easily thrives and flourishes in the world around us. The negativity we find around us can quickly rub off on our souls. It brings us down and discourages us. It robs us of joy and even can negatively impact our health.

However, have you noticed how the simplicity of a smile or a kind glance can offer someone incredible hope? Something as simple as a positive word can bring healing to an anxious situation. I love the reminder of hope that the Bible provides through this proverb. Good news gives health to the bones. Simple encouragement can bring life to us.

Whether times are good or times are bad, we always have some good news we can focus on. Sometimes, we need a little reminder of that. I love how this passage points us there. It reminds us that good news gives health to the bones. Whether it is the good news that the A/C unit keeps working on your home or it is the Good News of God’s redemptive work through the cross, we have a reason to be thankful. We have a reason to rejoice. We have something positive that we can focus on.

While I don’t think that this proverb offers a blank check to wave a wand of positivity and heal every disease, I do think there is some truth here. I find incredible encouragement through this proverb in that as I focus on something cheerful or good, I will find joy in my heart and healing in my soul to the worries around me. The things that can often distract or discourage me truthfully pale in comparison to the work that Jesus did on the cross. I can cast my worries on Jesus, knowing that he will care for them (1 Peter 5:7) and knowing that everything else is “momentary light affliction” (2 Corinthians 4:17-18) compared to what Jesus has already done and continues to do for us.

So what is good? May God remind us of those this day to cheer up our spirits and bring a sense of wholeness deep within our souls!

Father God, I am thankful for you and the work you did through the cross! I confess that I often focus on negative things around me. I pray that you would cover over me and every piece of information I digest today. Help me to not latch onto things that are negative. Instead, help me focus on things that are encouraging and uplifting. Help me to remind others of those things as well, so that they might find encouragement and even peace in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.
– Dave McPherson

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