Diving Deeper … on mission with God … certainly possible!

We serve a missionary God.

God has a mission and He placed the Church in the world to accomplish it.

God’s mission is revealed in a covenant promise; He will keep His word.

God’s mission is about God.

God’s mission will be accomplished.  In fact, He doesn’t need us.  [He wants to use us, but He doesn’t need us!]

Will you Accept His mission.  Will you take Action? You can Start where you are!

Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me, therefore … Go … Take action … Join my mission … My Spirit will empower you … and YOU will be my witness at home and unto the entire world … until every nation, tribe, tongue knows of Me and worships me.”


With God, all things are possible… joining Him on mission today … you coming along?

One thought on “Diving Deeper … on mission with God … certainly possible!

  1. Ed Spivey says:

    Happy birthday, Chris! May our Lord continue to bless and use you. (I was going to say “until you are old and gray”, but I guess its too late for that!)

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