Christmas Eve 2017

Hope is Born!

The Christmas season is an incredible time of year. Each Christmas, we have the chance to celebrate with friends and family, give and receive incredible gifts, and enjoy great food. But is there more to Christmas?

The first Christmas came about because God hated the problems He saw in the world. He absolutely wanted to make a change. It was His plan to give us hope, to help us find a way out of whatever horrible situation or brokenness we might find ourselves in. Because of that plan, He gave Himself in the most unlikely places at the most unlikely of times. It was a special ops mission that would forever change the course of world history.

Operation Christmas – Hope is Born

We invite you to learn more this Christmas Eve and join us for a candlelight service.
December 24th at 5 PM.
**Free Family Portraits at 5 PM
**Free Christmas Cookies after service
**Childcare for 3 and under